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Event Description Period Peak Rocks/Hr Status
Quadrantids Jan 01-Jan 05, 2002 Jan 03 120 Registration open.

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METEORegistry Register as a participant in an upcoming Meteor Scatter event. This is information is provided to allow amateur radio operators to coordinate Meteor Scatter (MS) propagation experiments. This database should provide MS stations information that will result in a higher probability of success communicating by way of Meteor Scatter. A valid amateur radio callsign is required.

You must register for each event in which you will participate. The database contains all events, so it can be used as an historical record of activity. More information on Meteor Scatter and RF propagation can be found on the BEACONet Home Page. More technical information is also available.

Event Description Period Peak Rocks/Hr Participants
Geminids Dec 07-Dec 17, 2001 Dec 13 120 13
Leonids Nov 14-Nov 21, 2001 Nov 18 1000 46
Perseids Jul 22-Aug 24, 2001 Aug 12 140 22
Arietids May 22-Jul 02, 2001 Jun 07 60 18
eta-Aquarids Apr 19-May 28, 2001 May 05 60 15
Quadrantids Jan 01-Jan 05, 2001 Jan 04 120 28
Geminids Dec 07-Dec 17, 2000 Dec 13 120 15
Leonids Nov 14-Nov 21, 2000 Nov 17 100+ 67

BEACONetRegistry was a one time registration held June, 2001 to determine interest in RF propagation and approximate number of particpants.

Past BEACONetRegistry Surveys

Event Participants
June, 2001 37